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Design Options Spangles

Create one-of-a-kind bling designs with Spangles: THREADLESS SEQUINS that are heat-set to your garment. A great cost-effective alternative to rhinestones!

Design Possibilities


Add decorative sparkle with gradient fills, lines, trim patterns, or a random placement of stones. A great option for applying by hand.

Custom Designs

Add your team’s logo in spangles - created on our spangles machine technology.

Logos & Lettering

Add a team name or identity in spangles - created on our spangles machine technology.

Color Options

Visit our Fabrics page and choose from our standard color options or Contact Us for custom coloring options!* Colors coordinate with our
Tricot color offerings, but are not an exact match. Please note that the colors shown are representational only.

Holographic Platinum (HS-231)
Holographic Silver (HS-201)
Holographic Gray (HS-217)
Holographic Gold (HS-202)
Holographic Copper (HS-232)
Holographic Brown (HS-232)
Holographic Black (HS-209)
Holographic Maroon (HS-206)
Holographic Dark Red (HS-213)
Holographic Red (HS-204)
Holographic Orange (HS-216)
Holographic Pale Yellow (HS-211)
Holographic Emerald (HS-207)
Holographic Hunter (HS-239)
Holographic Turquoise (HS-235)
Holographic Sky Blue (HS-210)
Holographic Sea Blue (HS-215)
Holographic Light Blue (HS-214)
Holographic Blue (HS-236)
Holographic Royal (HS-205)
Holographic Navy (HS-237)
Holographic Purple (HS-208)
Holographic Fuchsia (HS-208)
Holographic Dark Pink (HS-234)
Holographic Light Pink (HS-212)

For a more accurate color swatch sample for your group order


Spangles Fonts

Choose from our standard font options below or Contact Us to use your custom fonts!*

*Additional design fees may apply for custom lettering.

Order Online

Shop from hundreds of designs with customizable spangles options on our web store!

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