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Custom Dance Costumes Prototypes

Prototypes made for custom dance costumes. All the questions you have about your prototype answered.

Prototypes Explained what are they?

Step 1

What is a prototype

Once you confirm your custom design, a sample garment (prototype) is created to ensure you love everything about your new look. It is your tool for checking fit, design and overall performance of the garment before your entire order is created.

For group orders of 5 or more, a prototype is necessary if you:

  • Modify a current webstore style with pattern changes or embellishments. Learn more about modifying an existing design here.
  • Create your own design from scratch. Learn more about creating a design from scratch here.
Step 2

Why do i need a prototype?

  • LOOK AND FIT - It's the best way to ensure that your garment will look and fit the way you want.
  • SEW SAMPLE - We use this sample garment as a tool for our in-house production team. They use it as a guide to ensure all your costumes are created the same way.
Step 3

What's the difference between a web style sample and a proto?

  • WEB STYLE SAMPLE - We have samples of all of our web styles. For group orders of 5 or more, we can loan you a sample so you can see how the style looks and feels in person.
  • PROTOTYPE - This is a sample garment of a custom design, and needs to be created for your team's specific design
Step 4

Can i do a prototype for a custom solo costume?

We do not offer custom design services for orders of 4 or less, so prototypes are not available on solo costumes.

Step 5

How much does it cost?

  • A prototype is the full price of your garment, the cost of which will vary depending on your final design.
  • The group discount doesn't apply to your proto because it's made as a solo costume.
Step 6

how long will it take to create my proto?

2-4 WEEKS once a design and/or payment is received. Time frames vary depending on the complexity of your garment.

Step 7

why do i need to send my proto back?

We use this sample garment to ensure the rest of your order is made to your specifications! We must have the sample by the specified date in order to start production on your order.

For more information, reference your Proto Kit or contact your Account Manager!

what to do once you get your proto

Complete your prototype kit

You'll receive a Prototype Kit with your sample garment. This will walk you through all of the steps of what you need to do:

  • Try the garment on - move, dance or skate, and try it on as many team members as possible!
  • Give us your feedback and note desired changes, if any.
  • Confirm your sizes by recording your team's measurements and using the sample garment as a sizing guide.
  • Ship the sample back! We'll need it as a sew sample for our in-house production team.

What if i make changes to my proto?

It is possible to make changes to your proto, but please consider the following:

  • A second sample will require extra fees and time
  • Changes to a proto will affect the final price of your order
  • We'll need to collaborate with you about what changes are possible to ensure they are feasible
  • Custom sizing is possible, but will require extra fees
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