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Order Minimums & Group Discounts

ORDER MINIMUMS - Starting 8/1/22


As of August 1st, 2022, the minimum quantity for all orders is 5 or more garments in the same style and fabric color.

The option to purchase solo or small group costumes (1-4 garments) is no longer available to the general public, except for the following:

  • STUDIO BUSINESS ACCOUNTS - Customers who have been approved for a Studio Business Account can purchase 1-4 garments online only. Login to shop online if you currently have a Studio Business Account, or learn more and apply for a Studio Business Account if you are a dance studio owner, instructor, choreographer, or costume coordinator.
  • REORDERS - Customers reordering garments to match a past order, can purchase 1-4 garments though an account manager. If you are looking to reorder less than 5 garments to match a previous order, please visit our Reorders page to learn more and get started.
  • MEN & BOY’S APPAREL - Customers ordering men’s or boys costumes to coordinate with a group order of ladies costumes can purchase 1-4 garments. Shop online or contact us to create a custom look. More Info>

7/5/22 - a message to our customers

We're writing to update you on a challenging decision we've made, one that impacts our sales process and solo orders.

We’ve made the decision to focus our business on group sales of 5 or more garments in the same style and fabric color. As of August 1st, 2022, the general public will no longer be able to purchase 1-4 garments online, except for those with a registered Studio Business Account page, or those reordering garments to match a past order.

I realize this is a huge change, especially for all the studio and professional dancers who helped us grow into the company we have become. For you we are immensely grateful! However, we believe this change is necessary for us to progress to the next chapter in our story, as well as continue to serve you with the passion, quality, and dedication to on-time delivery that you’ve come to expect.

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready and available to chat!

Deb Erickson, Owner & Creative Director


Group discounts area available on custom team orders of 5 or more, every day! We offer two different discount schedules depending on the complexity of your order:


Group orders of 5 or more receive 20% off the base price.


Group order 5 or more follow Premier garments receive the following discount schedule. Premier designs are one-of-a-kind designs not found on www.thelineup.com, customized specifically to your team.

  • 5% off the base price for a quantity of 5-8 garments
  • 10% off the base price for a quantity of 9-13 garments
  • 15% off the base price for a quantity of 14-20 garments
  • 20% off the base price for a quantity of 21 or more garments

FAQ on minimums & discounts

How do I get a Studio Business Account?

If you are an owner, instructor, or choreographer of a dance studio, you can apply for a Studio Business Account here.

If I am a dancer or parent affiliated with a studio, can I get a studio business account?

Purchases must be coordinated through your dance studio. Contact your costume coordinator to coordinate further.

Do you sell pro audition & tryout apparel?

Unfortunately, we no longer sell professional dance and cheer apparel to solos and individuals. We recommend exploring the following small businesses, many of which are female owned and made-in-the USA!

Can you recommend another source for custom solo dance costumes?

Yes! The following companies offer solo and small group custom orders for dance costumes:

Why do you no longer sell solo and small group costumes to the general public?

We decided to focus our efforts on on-time delivery of group orders, which makes up most of our customer base. Like many businesses during the pandemic, recent challenges around staffing shortages and supply chain delays led us to focus on what we do best: group team orders.

can i reorder less than 5 garments to match a previous order?

Yes you can! We always offer reorders of less than 5 garments to match previous group orders. Contact us to get started with a reorder!