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Custom Services: Reorders

Looking to purchase a few new garments to match a previous order? No problem! We keep patterns on file for all orders, which makes reordering possible for years to come. Find out more about the reorder process below.

Get started on a reorder

How to place a reorder FAQ

Step 1

What is the lead time for a reorder?

Reorders have a 3-5 week lead time when the following conditions are met:

  • Your team/organization placed the original order and has a history of ordering with The Line Up
  • The garment does not exceed 5 years old

If the above conditions are not met, please understand that your reorder will follow our standard lead time for the given time of year. More information can be found here, or ask your account manager for more details.

Step 2

How much will my reorder garments cost?

The price of your reorder garments will vary from your previous order depending on two variables: the quantity of garments you need to order and the timeframe of which the last order was placed.

Orders of 4 or less will not receive the 5 or more group discount rate of the original order because they will be produced as a solo garment. A percentage-based price increase to cover inflationary changes in material and labor costs will also apply. Orders of 5 or more of the same style will receive a standard group discount after a price increase is applied.

Step 3

Is there an order minimum for reordering garments?

There is no order minimum for reorder garments, but keep in mind that orders of 4 or less will not receive the 5 or more group discount rate from your original order because they will be produced as a solo garment. A percentage-based price increase to cover inflationary changes in material and labor costs will also apply.

Step 4

How do I determine sizes?

Determine the sizes for your new garments by taking measurements and having your team try on your existing garments. See our sizing page for more information on how to measure and determine sizes.

Step 5

How do I make payment on my reorder garments?

Once your account manager confirms your quantity and price, they will reach out to you to coordinate payment. All reorders must be paid in full up front to secure your delivery date before manufacturing can begin. Be sure to plan ahead if you need to use a purchase order as your method of payment. It can often take 4 weeks to get a purchase order approved by organizations.

Step 6

Why do I need to mail a sample garment to The Line Up?

To match your original order, we’ve found it works best to use a garment from the original order as a guide for production. Some things we like to double check include:

  • Confirming fabric dye lots - will the new roll of fabric match the old?
  • Determining sewing style - have any sewing techniques changed?
  • Accurate logo placement - do logo placement records match the original order?
  • Consistent rhinestone placement - where were the stones placed?
  • Dye sublimation – sublimation colors can have slight inconsistencies, so we prefer to do a test swatch and compare this to a garment from the original order

If you are unable to send a sample, photos are a good alternative, but know that your reorder garments may not match the original order exactly.

Step 7

Will anything be different between my new reorder garments and the original order?

We will do our best to match your existing garments, but two main areas of concern for cohesiveness with existing orders are construction methods and fabrics.

Fabrics, especially novelty fabrics, may be discontinued after 1-2 years. The Line Up also cannot guarantee fabric colors will match for future reorders, due to dye lot differences that occur with all manufacturers. When reordering, we must have a garment from the original order to help ensure the best color match. Your account manager will notify you if a dye lot difference is of concern, or will work with you to find a substitute for a discontinued fabric. Please keep in mind that you may need to replace all your garments if we do not have a suitable substitute fabric available, or if dye lot differences are unacceptable to you.

We also like to receive a sample garment so we can match construction techniques like placement of logos, type of stitching used, and various other construction methods. Because we are a custom shop and every order is unique, we like to confirm the construction of the original order before making your new garments.

Step 8

The lining fabric is different on my reorder than from my original order. Why is this?

Due to supply chain issues and manufacturer offerings, availability of lining fabrics may change over time. Our lining fabrics are strictly for comfort and durability purposes and should not affect the external appearance of your garments.

Step 9

I bought my TLU garments from another team/organization. Can I still reorder these garments?

Yes, you will most likely be able to reorder these garments. Keep in mind that if your team did not place the original order with The Line Up, your delivery timeline will follow our standard production lead time, which can be found here. Please have the following information available so we can easily look up the original order.

  • Original team/organization that placed the order.
  • If there are embellishments on the garments, were these done by The Line Up, or the original team?
  • Approximate date when the original order was placed.
  • Photos of the front and back of the garment for reference.
Step 10

We added embellishments ourselves but placed the original TLU order without embellishments. Can we still reorder?

Yes, please inform your account manager of the circumstances so they are aware that you will not need the embellishments added to your new garments.

Step 11


Yes, you will most likely be able to reorder your garments. However, keep in mind that your lead times will be longer and the cost will be higher due to the following:

  • Pattern and sewing changes/adjustments
  • Fabric investigations/changes
  • Increased processing time for account manager and product designer

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