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Custom Services: Reorders

Looking to purchase a few new garments to match a previous order? No problem! We keep patterns on file for all orders, which makes reordering possible for years to come. Find out more about the reorder process below.

How to place a reorder Steps

Step 1

Plan Ahead

Production schedules fill up fast during the busy season, so it’s best to plan ahead! On average, it can take 4-10 weeks to produce your order.

Step 2

Determine your budget

If you need to stick within a certain budget, let us know so we can help accommodate your needs appropriately.

Know that the price for your reorder garments may vary from your previous order. Orders of 4 or less won’t receive the group discount rate of the original order because they need to be produced as a solo garment. A percentage based price increase for materials and labor may also apply.

Step 3

Determine Quantity

Assess the condition of your uniforms to determine what sizes you have and if any garments are damaged and need to be replaced. Compare your current inventory to the number of performers on your team to determine the quantity of new garments needed.

Step 4

Determine sizes

Determine the sizes for your new pieces by having your team try on your existing garments and by taking measurements. See our sizing page for more information on how to measure and determine sizes.

Step 5

Coordinate Payment

Once we confirm your quantity and price, we’ll reach out to you to coordinate payment. All reorders must be paid in full up front to secure your delivery date and before manufacturing can begin. Be sure to plan ahead if you need to use a purchase order as your method of payment. It can often take 4 weeks to get a purchase order approved by organizations.

Step 6

Send us back a sample

In order to match your original order, we’ve found it works best to use a garment from the original order as a guide for production. Some things we like the double check include:

  • Confirming fabric dye lots - will the new roll of fabric match the old?
  • Determining sewing style - have any sewing techniques changed?
  • Accurate logo placement - do logo placement records match the original order?
  • Consistent rhinestone placement - where were the stones placed?

If you are unable to send a sample, photos are a good alternative, but know that your reorder garments may not match the original order exactly.

Reorder Form

Want to get started? Fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you within two business days!